A moody apartment

mdiynnwwmdawmja4mzq2m3w5ng mdiynnwwmdawmja4mzq3nnw5ngmdiynnwwmdawmja4mzq3nhw5ng mdiynnwwmdawmja4mzq3nxw5ng mdiynnwwmdawmja4mzq2nhw5ng mdiynnwwmdawmja4mzq3mhw5ng mdiynnwwmdawmja4mzq2nxw5ngLet’s start our Monday with some moody interior inspo! This apartment may have a dark atmosphere but it’s still homely thanks to soft, pastel coloured fabrics, carpets and lots of greens. Via Svensk Fastighedsförmedling


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  1. I like everything, and this table is mad.

  2. I love your black kitchen. So cool!

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