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New Furniture I Saw and Liked

    Massproductions The Rose Chair is the newest member to the Massproductions family. Designer Chris Martin wanted to work with solely layered wood, challenging both the material and the available industrial production technology. With the help of large-scale 3D printing, various life size prototypes were created. I…

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Bibelo Outdoor Collection

Things I don’t have but probably need: a swimming pool and the Bibelo Outdoor Collection. The young French brand has launched a pastel coloured collection of furniture for your terrace, balcony or your garden, consisting of a lounge chair, two side tables and a chair.…

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Geometric forms make your heart beat faster? Then Eric Trine is your man. He just knows how to satisfy your needs with his octahedron designs. Burner Bowls, Side Tables, Planters or Pedestals made of powder coated steel… it’s all heaven!

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