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Trendwatch: Colourful Kitchens

Most kitchens are boring white, grey or beige. But why the hell? Have a gander at these colourful gems and be bold! Reform Copenhagen based brand Reform creates architect-designed fronts and countertops for IKEA cabinets in beautiful colours and surfaces. Don’t be scared of colours!…

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On my radar #47

1.) There’s a new label to watch: Musier Paris, the brainchild of Anne-Laure, alias Adenorah. Every two months she will introduce a new collection, with exclusive prints for special occasion dresses or more everyday ones. All her designs are assembled and manufactured in Paris ateliers, using exclusively fibers…

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A Pink Kitchen by Reform

My male readers may have their doubts but I say: yes to pink! And the pink kitchen in this North Zealand home in Denmark is proof. It is based on the elements of an IKEA kitchen and combined with architect-designed fronts and countertops by Reform,…

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