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What I like these days: Pink baby pineapples // Ted Thompson Land der Gewohnheit // the best nail cream ever: Crème Apricot from Dior // this sweet pink: Chanel Le Vernis 535 May // my autumn scent: Nuit de Cellophane from Serge Lutens // my Extra-long Cardigan from…

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Currently coveting: 1.) This cute little Yellow Gold Palm Tree Ring from Holly Ryan // 2.) WANT: Philip Lim Plissee Walking Shorts via Nue // 3.) Stay in the shade: Green Visor J’aime La Vie from Jacquemus via Hunting & Collecting // 4.) You might already have noticed that…

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Yo lovelies, do you also share my huge obsession for pineapples? Everything started with the porcelain pineapple and today I discovered this  brass gang at the The Enchanted Fig Tree. There are also pineapple candle sticks, boxes and lamps waiting for you. And now I need a…

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