Keychains are becoming a thing

Until now key rings have been something I hadn’t paid much attention to. But how stunning are these new items? In particular, Bottega Veneta is really shaking up the keychain game! But also the soft leather keychains from Lemaire or See by Chloé are to die for. And last but not least my favourite: the KASSL Editions keychains crafted from their signature oil coated cotton-blend canvas which is designed with the same puffiness as their Pillow Bag and offers a knotted detail.

Kassl Editions Puffy Oil Keychain (different colors) // Bottega Veneta Knotted Leather Key Ring // See by Chloé Pineapple Leather Key Chain // Sabrina Dehoff Key Ring Big Eden // Bottega Veneta Triangular Knotted Leather Key Ring // Lemaire Wadded Key Holder