Capelongue – A Provençal Haven for Aesthetes, Serenity Seekers and Gourmands

Nestled in the heart of Bonnieux, France, Capelongue is an enchanting sanctuary that beautifully captures the soul of Provence through its meticulous renovation and timeless design. This exquisite haven, part of the esteemed Beaumier group, features 57 luxurious rooms and suites, many of which boast private terraces that open up to the serene landscapes.

From the moment I arrived, Capelongue‘s allure was evident. The harmonious interplay of terracotta roofs, the quaint church steeple, and the distant ramparts evoke a profound sense of tranquility. The recent renovations have unveiled the hotel’s stunning contours and vistas, designed to evoke a timeless Provençal village, inviting guests of all ages to immerse themselves in its beauty. The central fountain, the thoughtfully redesigned spa, the wood-fired restaurant, the cozy bookstore, the bustling café, the inviting swimming pools, and the prestigious Michelin-starred restaurant all celebrate the spirit of the region without resorting to clichés.

Architecture and Interior Design

The architectural and interior design, masterfully orchestrated by the visionary teams of JAUNE and A.S.L., seamlessly blend natural materials with contemporary elegance. Interiors are adorned with soft, muted tones, and linen curtains gently filter the Provencal sunlight, creating a serene ambiance. Each piece of furniture, crafted by local artisans, tells a story of the region’s rich heritage.

Inside, the décor speaks volumes. Glazed earthenware, modern Provençal seating, crowns of dried wheat and rice flowers, and evocative Arlesian photographs create a narrative that bridges past and present. This delicate balance offers an aesthetic that is both sophisticated and comforting, encouraging guests to relax and indulge in the simple pleasures of life.

The corporate branding by Saint Lazare is another delightful highlight – vivid orange-yellow accents that enliven the entire property with a refreshing touch. From specially branded yellow-and-white striped towels, bathrobes, and beach bags to yellow menus and coasters, these small details infuse a hint of metropolitan charm into the rural setting.

Enchanting Environs

Capelongue is surrounded by lush greenery, a testament to Provence’s agricultural heritage. Vineyards, vegetable gardens, and fruit trees elegantly frame the property, grounding it in its natural surroundings. Meandering through gardens filled with ancient oaks, fragrant jasmine, towering plane trees, delicate almond trees, resilient tamarisk, lush pistachios, and aromatic rosemary, each step reveals another layer of beauty.

Culinary Delights

Capelongue excels in culinary artistry, emphasizing the importance of timing in every dish. Chefs Noël Bérard and Mathieu Guivarch masterfully prepare meals using the freshest local ingredients, ensuring vibrant flavors are preserved until the last minute. This spontaneity encapsulates the essence of Provence across three distinct dining experiences: At La Bastide, enjoy refined and modern dishes that showcase the sophistication of fresh ingredients. The new Bergerie offers communal, wood-fired meals in a rustic setting, fostering a warm atmosphere perfect for shared culinary delights. Café Capelongue invites guests to unwind with continuous, delightful bites throughout the afternoon, complemented by a relaxed ambiance ideal for enjoying the serene surroundings.

Adventures and Escapes

But it’s not just peace-seekers who will find fulfillment here – there’s plenty to do! A guided eBike tour through the Lubéron was an unforgettable adventure. Pedaling through the picturesque landscape and savoring a picnic under an ancient olive tree at a historic mill was a highlight of my stay. Upon my return the serene and soothing massage at the elegant spa was the perfect way to unwind after a day of exploration. Also the art class with the Provençal artist Aurore Chesseret added a deeply personal touch to my visit, allowing me to connect with the local culture and landscape in a meaningful way.

Regional Culture and Heritage

Thanks to A.S.L.’s sensitive curation, Capelongue Hotel seamlessly integrates the local cultures of the Luberon and regional traditions throughout its spaces. In rooms, corridors, and dining areas, antique artworks and ceramics mingle with pieces from contemporary artists, all celebrating the landscapes and heritage beloved by Marcel Pagnol. This cultural tapestry extends to Capelongue‘s library, curated by Librairie du Palais in Arles, offering a quiet exploration of Provence through classics, literary gems, comics, and beautiful volumes on nature, painting, architecture, and photography. The hotel’s art program showcases still lifes by Cesar Simao, wheat and dried rice wreaths by Luce Monnier, portraits by Arsène Welkin, photographs from Arles by Jean Marques, and literary works by luminaries such as Albert Camus, Marcel Pagnol, Henri Bosco, and Frédéric Mistral, embodying the essence of Provence’s rich cultural heritage.

Capelongue is a sanctuary where simplicity meets elegance, where every element is meticulously designed to offer an unforgettable experience.

Hotel Capelongue, Les Claparèdes, 550 Chemin des Cabanes, 84480 Bonnieux, Frankreich,

Pictures: Benoit Linero