C/RO – High Quality Furniture for In-and Outdoor Use

New Danish brand C/RO is the brainchild of Camilla Rosén, freelancing interior architect, designer and owner at Rosén Concept ApS. The label was launched in 2016 with the aim to create furniture for in and outdoor use of high quality materials that last. The idea of creating environmentally friendly designs, which will work for in and outdoor spaces, brings you closer to nature in all its aspects, in a sophisticated way. Also architecture has much changed and more and more, the boundary between inside and outside is being erased, our kitchens are moving outside, our balconies and terraces resembling hotel lounges.


Sundaybed Eté is influenced by travels to Japan –  a light and airy piece of furniture made for meditation and daydreaming. The back is a form of support to the pillows so it can also be used as a sofa.

With a passion for the French macarons an airy pedestal/crown as a homage to this sweet the Small Table Macaron was built. It’s made of stainless steel.

The chair Menton is designed with the inspiration from VILLA E1027 by Eileen Gray. Rosén was missing a chair on the market that was simple and discreet – in canvas but where one could replace the fabric and dress the chair in leather with the arrival of the fall.

“The vision is that these products will make you feel like you’re gazing out at the Mediterrenean, with a drink in your hand, at one with the sea and not a rainy day in sight.” 
Camilla Rosén

The lounge sofa Baby Eté, was developed from the Sundaybed. A simplified smaller version perfect for morning coffee in the sun. The impression should be light and airy and act as a two-man lounge sofa or just a bench. The sofa can be used in public spaces, cafés as well as your hallway.

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