Hey guys, this is the last of my Gift Guides – it is for your girlfriend!

Aaaaaaalways, aaaaaaalways treat her like a princess!
Keep her warm with this ribbed Pom-Pom Beanie Hat from Rosie Sugden, 97 EUR // be a gentleman, take off her coat and hang it on this 50s inspired Coat Rack from Gubi via Yoox, 131 EUR // surprise her with this very special fragrance: “Nuda” from Nasomatto via the newly launched Ludwig Beck Onlineshop (my favourite department store in Munich btw!) // “Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” – Your girlfriend of course! Brass Square Mirror from Hay, 47 EUR // give her her own key to your apartment with this handstitched Key Chain made of vintage feathers from John de Maya, 49 EUR // take her out with this burgundy Evening Clutch “Marlene” from James Castle, 179 EUR // say that you love her with this Clustered Visions Ring from Elke Kramer, 57 EUR // and make sure she feels comfy with this Oval Knit Sweater from Jonathan Saunders via Matches, 420 EUR. I bet she will love you forever.