My Top 10 Summer Jewelry Labels

Summer is on – time to upgrade your summer jewelry! Here are my favourite brands!

Atelier Labro

Atelier Labro is an atelier founded by Lisa Galenkamp in 2018 that captures the Mediterranean classic taste in its own designs, found treasures and unique projects.

They strive to source the best materials, the most beautiful handmade products and will ensure an eco- and human friendly production process. 


Simuero is wild jewelry – an ode to imperfection, sex and nature forms embracing the beauty of wrinkles, irregular shapes, the grace of simplicity that does not simplify and the sensuality of the natural transformed into pieces that ourselves dream of.

Sandra Alexandra

London based brand Sandra Alexandra is your latin side coming out to play. Spice up your earlobes with fiery chilli pepper hoops, the next day coll off with some icily serene bonito pearls. 


Santangelo Studio is a New York based brand born out of summer. It is the smell of wild hair, late nights and warm skin. Their pieces are each carefully handmade using pearls, shells, glass beads, precious metals and stones.

Pura Utz

Danish brand Pura Utz is connecting conscious women through caring craftmanship. Their pieces are designed in Copenhagen and handmade by Mayan Women in Guatemala.


Munich based label Telawave makes beautiful handmade Jewelry for pearl junkies & shell lovers!

Wald Berlin

To me Berlin based Wald Berlin is the number 1 brand for holiday jewelry! All jewellery is handmade in Germany. They use a collective of women and grandmothers to make the pieces; these women would otherwise be unemployed.


Ohhheylovely is a Hamburg based label with the most delicate freshwater pearl bracelets and necklaces!

Et toi

Et Toi is a French-Swedish brand, all of their colourful bead items are imagined in Paris and handmade by mood.

Hola Amor Estudios

Hola Amor Estudios is not a Spanish brand, it was founded by Carolin Sen in Hamburg with the aim to make every outfit look more effortless and cool.

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