On my radar #67

Lovelies, how’s it going? I know everything sucks right now, time for something beautiful and another episode of On My Radar!

1.) I’m getting tired of being stuck at home but I’m not getting tired of comfy loungewear. Check out The Bodysuit of Barcelona for their timeless pieces with a feminine and Mediterranean aesthetic in my favourite winter colours pistachio and arctic ice.

2.) Discovered this ceramic wall sculpture by Sofia Tufvasson at The Ode To. It brings an interesting three-dimensional look to your wall, a bit like a soft fabric or a spit out chewing gum. It is handmade and is only available in one edition. 

3.) My favourite interior design account on Instagram these days: Michael Dansk. The Copenhagen based creative consultant gives us insights into his beautiful apartment.

4. Speaking of staying at home – maybe it’s time for a new carpet. Sabine Marcelis’ Stroke Collection for Milan based brand cc tapis is definitely my favourite. Each rug features a gradient of color saturation and pile height, mirroring the three-dimensionality and irregular pigment of a stroke of paint. Picture: Marina Denisova at Motel49