Superfront Launches Wood Collection

Superfront Wood Collection

Bored of your IKEA cabinets? Superfront will launch their Wood Collection soon!

“Wood is probably the least trendy material because it has been around for millions of years. But that is also the reason why we feel so comfortable when we furnish our homes with wood. It exudes a warmth that few other materials can match. The fact that we have chosen to use FSC wood for both our Wood Collection and our lacquered MDF products, is intended to bring this cosy feeling into all of our homes,” says Superfront co-founder, Mick Born.

The Wood Collection consists of wood-veneered doors, drawer fronts, side panels, countertops and the new Wood Bar handle, which runs the entire length or width of the fronts. It is available in six different colour shades which emphasize the grain of the wood, and is complemented by two different front designs: plain and vertical.

The dark Umber shade is reminiscent of walnut, wenge and smoked oak, but has its own unique character. The Biscotti colour resembles oak, but with less reddish undertones and less light veins. This gives it a particularly elegant character and makes it more compatible with other woods. The lightest variant, Alabaster Wood, looks simply like untreated ash wood. The three other shades are inspired by the existing Superfront colour palette and are called Thunder Wood, Cloudy Wood and Willow Wood.

The Wood Collection will be available from 28 January 2021, initially for Ikea Metod, Pax and Bestå carcases and Bestå cabinets.