The easiest way to fight the current heatwave is to take a cool shower. Let’s talk about my current favourites from Susanne Kaufmann: the shower/shampoo is shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and skin care in one and smells very fresh of herbs while the tensides contained in the shower/shampoo are obtained from sugar which makes it especially skin-friendly and PH-neutral. After stepping out of the refreshing shower I love to apply the body lotion, which absorbs very quickly (a big plus on hot summer days!). Fine poppy seed oil and vitamin E leave the skin pampered with a velvety feeling. For all my Swiss readers – you can get your Susanne Kaufmann products at this lovely onlineshop: rd-fm

PS: I’m going to spend a few days at Susanne Kaufmann’s Hotel Post Bezau soon and I can’t wait to try out more of her organic beauty products. Stay tuned!