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Christmas Gift Guide for Interior Lovers

I know it’s a bit early for Christmas presents, but you’ll still be grateful if you don’t get stressed in December. That’s why the ever-popular Christmas Gift Guide series kicks off again today 🙂 Hay Arc Candleholder S Ivory, 35 EUR // Hay Arc Candleholder…

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Christmas Gift Guide Foodies

Christmas Gift Guide for Foodies

This Christmas Gift Guide is for all you foodies out there! Whether you are the one who does the cooking, let yourself be cooked or spoil your guests – here you will find everything for a great dinner night. Anissa Kermiche Tit for Tat Salt…

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Christmas Gift Guide: For Me ;)

LRNCE Nour Cushion // Valerie Objects Hanging Lamp No.3 // Schönstaub Seca Bath Mat // Trine Tuxen Priscilla Charm for my Trine Tuxen Necklace // Raaw by Trice Blackened Santal Perfume Oil // Hay Yellow High Slit Table // COS Soft Bra and Knickers //…

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