The Christmas Gift Guides: For Small Budgets

This next Gift Guide won’t break the bank – all items are under €100 – lots of lovely little ideas for a loved one you want to make happy.

Classic Halma Game by Printworks, 42 EUR // Arket Silver Plated Candle Holder, 59 EUR // Arket Soft Cotton Bath Towel, 29 EUR // Paper Collective Poster Shrimp and Stripes, 35 EUR // Carla Lanos Tulip Poster, 55 EUR // Westwing Wooden Storing Box, 60 EUR // G by Glasette Glassware Collection, starting from 40 EUR // Essentiel Antwerp Balaclava, 75 EUR // Bobbies Magliano Belt, 85 EUR // Sonsie Multi Moisture Mask, 50 EUR