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Clay Club

Clay Club is a shared ceramics studio hosting two artists Joke Leonare & Sigrid Volders. Since 2016, they’ve been working apart and together with clay and glazes in their shared workshop. They both focus on handmade unique pieces, embrace imperfection and favour small series over…

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Stine Goya designs for Kähler

For more than 175 years, Kähler has been working together with some of the most trend-setting artists and craftspersons of the times to create ceramic designs for the contemporary home. Now the ceramics company has teamed up with Danish designer Stine Goya. Known for her unique patterns Goya designed Fiora: a…

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Avlu Collection By Day Studio

Istanbul’s design studio DAY has recently launched the AVLU collection, based on a design shop idea for Grand Bazaar. The project consists of a series of collaborations between the DAY Studio designers and the local craftsmen. Using natural materials such as marble, brass, textile and glass they…

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