Stine Goya designs for Kähler

Stine_Goya_Kaehler_Fiora Fiora_pot_H250_vase_H250_High resolution JPG_295749 Fiora_pot_midnight-blue_H500_High resolution JPG_295749 Fiora_pot_pink_H250_2_High resolution JPG_295749 Fiora_stand_bordeaux_H330_vase_gold_H200_High resolution JPG_295749 Fiora_stand_pink_H330_dish_pink_D280_High resolution JPG_295749 Fiora_wallvase_midnight-blue_H250_vase_midnight-blue_H250_High resolution JPG_295749

For more than 175 years, Kähler has been working together with some of the most trend-setting artists and craftspersons of the times to create ceramic designs for the contemporary home. Now the ceramics company has teamed up with Danish designer Stine Goya. Known for her unique patterns Goya designed Fiora: a range of pots, classic vases and a wall vase with characterful silhouettes and bold colours. Fiora is inspired by Kähler’s history from the 1950s/1960s, when they experimented with the size of vases, bowls and candle holder.

Prices start at EUR 54.90, the collection will be available in design shops, department stores and hardware shops from October and in the web shop.

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