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St.Leo Eco-Friendly Paint and Plaster

St. Leo is a Danish brand producing premium, eco-friendly paint and plaster from the finest natural minerals with a focus on sustainability, tactility and understated elegance. Launched in 2019, St. Leo’s debut Dolomite Plaster collection features 18 pre-mixed, coloured mineral plasters that are ready to…

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An apartment with blue and green walls

  This Alvhem apartment wows me with its blue and green walls and this simple trick: A mirror, placed on a wall between two rooms with open doors, through which you can see the colour of the opposite wall and the colour of the room behind at the same time.

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Sometimes you need a little change and I was thinking about paiting my walls when I stumbled upon this fantastic lookbook from Norwegian Paint manufacturer Jotun. Now I’ve got another problem. I don’t have enough walls. (via La Maison d’Anna G, with thanks!).

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