Jotun Colour Card 2022 “Together” is here

Each year, I am eagerly awaiting the new colour charts of Norwegian paint company Jotun releases their new colour card for the coming year. The 2022 colour card is called TOGETHER and contains three unique palettes, designed for rooms with an atmosphere where people like to spend time together.

Humans are social beings and thrive best with others. The time we spend with family and friends is enriching for body, soul and spirit. The need to meet others has rarely been as strong as it is right now. For good conversation, laughter, a little gossip or to spend a moment in friendly silence. Just being together can lift spirits and generate new ideas.

Colours have a similar effect – they can calm us down or cheer us up, clear our minds or stimulate creativity. – This year’s colour palettes are designed to reflect and highlight different aspects of personal needs and lifestyle. The colours make it easy for you to create the mood you want for yourself and yours.

In total, the TOGETHER colour chart contains 28 beautiful colours – 12 of the colours are completely new and are presented in combination with selected shades from Jotun’s rich archive. The colours are grouped into three beautiful colour palettes: EMBRACE, PLAYFUL and CHERISH. Each theme has a specific mood.


Soothing pastels and warm neutrals. Soft, soothing colours and soft surfaces invite good conversations and reflections. The palette is characterized by pleasant colours: bright and soothing, at the same time warm and enveloping. In combination with airy textiles and soft surfaces, a comfortable atmosphere is created.


Rustic, raw and honest colours. Embrace is a colour palette in perfect balance. It is subdued and down to earth, and at the same time colorful and friendly.


Colours with energy and playful joy. Playful has powerful and clear colours, filled with optimism and hope, and goes straight to the heart. It’s about unleashing creativity and giving new colour combinations a chance, she encourages.