Jotun Lady Colour Chart 2020

I’m always expecting the new Jotun Lady Colour Chart with excitement. For 2020 they created 12 fantastic new colours, as 2020 stands for a whole new decade. Many of us want to change something in their lives, learn something new, travel or simply dream a little more. No matter what, the easiest way to change something is to start with your home. Tell me, which one is your favourite?

Photography by Line Thit Klein; Styling by Kråkvik & D´Orazio.

8546 Local Green

A yellowish green, almost khaki green, that has a calming effect and can be combined with many colours.

20142 Daydream

This plum colour has warm golden and red undertones and is experienced as down-to-earth, warm and comfortable. The colour fills the whole room, but can also be combined with light tones. Compared to other purple colours, this one is more golden and almost brownish – and certainly not an ordinary purple colour!

4863 Statement Blue

This deep blue creates a bold and personal interior that radiates sophisticated self-confidence. It’s a colour that delivers a lot of energy and gives the home an exciting character.

20145 Wisdom

A deep plum colour that blends well into rooms for concentration or good conversation.

7637 Exhale 

A light and subtle mint that exudes peace and tranquility. You always have time to stop for a few seconds and take a deep breath.

5490 Serene Blue

The colour is soft, but still gives a clear signature. Full of confidence, but still can be combined with other colours.

20144 Grounded Red

A raw and honest colour, transforming a room into a warm and protective cocoon. An excellent colour choice for those who want a safe and cozy atmosphere.

11174 Curious Mind

A mixture of yellow, beige and grey. Together it becomes an exciting, grey-yellow color which can be both – exciting and lively, but also discreet and elegant.

5489 Free Spirit

The perfect balance between green and blue. The colour is refreshing and at the same time conveys a harmonious atmosphere with references to the open horizon.

11175 Adventure

A burnt orange with a reminiscence to Africa. The colour is golden, earthy and warm and gives an exotic atmosphere.

20143 Lively Red

This golden red colour is a lively mixture of red, orange and pink all at once. The colour is cheerful and fast in its presence.

11173 Humble Yellow

A colour for those who like to listen and are openminded. A subtle and refined yellow tone that leaves space for other accents.