Jotun Lady Color Chart 2019

Jotun Lady Color Chart 2019

I’m so excited about the new Jotun Lady Color Chart 2019 which comes in three fantastic new color palettes: Refined, Raw and Calm!

Jotun Lady Color Chart 2019



The Refined Palette consists of yellow and green shades and harmonious accent colors. Its identity is the daily curator: selective, conducted and concerned with effects in the form of contrasts. The home has a curated expression, where vintage treasures, rare design objects and art testify of exquisite sense of aesthetics. The home becomes a personal gallery – a dialogue and interaction between colors and decorations where the overall size is greater than the sum of the parts. (My favourite!)

7613 Northern Mystic

7627 Refresh

7629 Antique Green

7628 Treasure

12081 Silky Yellow

7628 Treasure

3377 Slate Lavender



The Raw palette consists of warm earth colors, neutral shades and tuned contrasts. The identity is terrestrial. The home reflects craftsmanship, a sense of nature and creative reuse. This is a person who appreciates the honest and rustic, rather than the polished. It could be the home of a chef, a hunter, a baker or a carpenter. They see the beauty of the handmade and original.


12085 Rural

7628 Treasure

12078 Comfort Grey

20118 Amber Red



The Calm palette consists of soft, neutral shades and warmth, subtle contrasts – both golden beige tones and light grey tones. It also contains beautiful shades of pink and apricot, and a brand new accent color: 12074 Peachy.
The identity CALM values ​​meaning rather than quantity. The focus is on the beautiful and simple Nordic minimalism and a Zen-inspired atmosphere. They want a home characterized by peace and harmony, creating zones for comfort and rest. Nothing is redundant, everything has its place and its function.


12075 Soothing Beige

10290 Soft Touch

12076 Modern Beige

12083 Devine

12074 Peachy



All other photos are courtesy of Jotun Lady /Styling  by Kråkvik & D´Orazio / Photography by Line Klein