Dear Santa… my personal wishlist: Heavyweight Cab Coat from Kai-aakmann, via I don’t like Mondays, 160 EUR // “Behind the Zines: Self-Publishing Culture”, Zines and their role as a catalyst in the evolution of media and graphic design today, Gestalten, 40 EUR // Hanna Purse from Bree, perforated black leather, 80 EUR // Repetto Omar Cycl Black Shoes, from Milk Concept Boutique, 223 EUR // Jenny Baeck white Lean Lamp, via Manufactum, 435 EUR // Byredo Scented Candle “Cotton Poplin”, smells like fresh laundry, via AusLiebezumDuft, 50 EUR // Zoe Karssen “Boys” Sweatshirt, via Matches, 93 EUR // Cashmere Hat in grey from COS, 35 EUR // Springcourt B2 Mid Cut White Canvas Sneakers, 65 EUR // Platinum Leather Pouch from Baggubag, size medium, 30 EUR // Black “Boule” bracelet from Saskia Diez, 139 EUR // Piero Fornasetti Wall Plate 22, via Markanto, (I think I will start collecting them, aren’t they gorgeous??) 135 EUR