Tiny Living – Small-Space Tricks for a Studio Apartment

Tiny Living

This apartment has only one room – living, eating, cooking and sleeping in one. But it’s a great example how spacious even a studio apartment can appear. The entry is painted in a gorgeous pink colour which, like an optical illusion, separates it from the rest. Built-in floor to ceiling wardrobes are maximising space perfectly and mirrored doors are helping to make the room appear larger and more open. The bed is tucked away in a corner while glass doors grant privacy and there’s a loft bed-like lounge area above a small bathroom. Decorating a studio doesn’t mean avoiding all full-sized furniture – the large kitchen block in the center covered with brass panels makes the space seem bigger than it is. Dinner chairs are replaced with place-saving bar stools. Via Fantastic Frank

Tiny Living Tiny Living Tiny LivingTiny LivingTiny Living Tiny Living Tiny Living

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