Trendwatch: Alabaster

Alabaster is an ancient material, a mineral or rock that is soft and often used for carving. As Alabaster is a porous stone, it can be dyed into any colour or shade. It is reminiscent of marble but as it is translucent, it becomes a very interesting material for example for candle holders, lampshades or plates. But see yourself!

Circular Bowl by Alexa Lixfeld for Menu

The German designer Alexa Lixfeld engages in designing extraordinary items and to, “build an economy of the special”, as she phrases it herself. Circular Bowl for Menu is a great example of her work and how she can turn something as simple as a bowl into something spectacular. The beautiful cloudy appearance of the alabaster will vary from piece to piece. Available here.

Tlight Holders by Michaël Verheyden

The Tealight Holders can be used as a candle holder for a warm and whimsical light play or let them fulfill a mere decorative function in your home. Every item is one of a kind, small variations in colour may occur. Available here.

Totem 3 Pendant by Alliedmaker

Allied Maker is known for their Alabaster Lamps, inspired by the beauty of this ancient material, the Alabaster collection aims to showcase the magical translucency of this precious stone. Light flows into Alabaster shapes creating an ethereal glow. 

Cradle Alabaster Spoon Rest

Polished alabaster makes a sleek spot for serving and mixing spoons to rest. Natural alabaster varies in color, so each spoon rest will be unique. CB2 exclusive.

Dinosaur Designs

Actually this isn’t Alabaster. Australian label Dinosaur Designs is using a patented resin technique for their designs, but their plates and dishes have the same serene marble-effect palettes. Available here.