I’ve always been fascinated by everything iridescent and often enough I find myself gazing at one of those shimmering bugs or even at a petrol puddle. No wonder I’m happy that iridescent fabrics seem to be the next big thing and my heart was beating faster when I first spotted the holographic pants and shoes from Chalayan’s AW12 collection at Love Aesthetics or lovely Maria Van Nguyen from Vanillascented in a breathtaking combination of white pants and coat and the shimmering Mary Top from Gina Tricot. Here are some more iridescent finds: Colour changing Zip Wallet from Kzeniya, 187 EUR // Essie oscillating Nailpolish Shine Of The Times, 9 EUR // Button Pin, 5 EUR, 3 Stripes Shirt, 45 EUR and BigBag Square Tote Bag with holographic 50 EUR all from Starstyling // Shield Bracelet from Cooee, 67 EUR. Shine on, lovelies!