Upgrade Your Ikea Cabinets with Fronts by &Shufl

Upgrade Ikea Cabinets Fronts by @Shufl

&Shufl is Danish carpentry craftsmanship tailored to fronts and table tops for Ikea cabinets. Their products fit with Metod and Faktum kitchen systems and the wardrobe and bathroom fittings Pax and Godmorgon.

&Shufl started in 2013 with the thought there was a need to do things differently in the kitchen industry as there are too many kitchens that look just the same. Why buy expensive inner workings for a closet when they’ll be hidden most of the time? Ikea delivers an excellent product with a 25-year guarantee at a fantastic price and the &Shufls handmade designs on the outside makes a pretty smart combination.

There are four collections existing:


A special tactile feeling that makes the Linoleum surfaces wonderful to touch and to have under foot, and a restraint that gives the beautiful colors a special glow and charisma. A particularly attractive detail is that the linoleum products have linoleum on both the front and back side.

Customized Fronts for Ikea CabinetsCustomized Fronts for Ikea CabinetsCustomized Fronts for Ikea CabinetsCustomized Fronts Table Tops Ikea CabinetsCustomized Fronts Table Tops Ikea Cabinets Customized Fronts Table Tops Ikea Cabinets



Laminate is largely maintenance-free and can be cared for day-to-day with soap and water.Despite what many people think, laminate is not a plastic product. It is produced by pressing many layers of paper together with enormous force, which makes it highly resistant to scratches, bumps and general wear and tear. All laminate products have a core of MDF and laminate – and color – on both the front and back sides.

Customized Fronts Table Tops Ikea Cabinets



Painted is the newest collection, consisting of nine entirely new, unique and specially-chosen colours. The colours range from white, grey, and grey-green tones to more reddish and yellow-brown nuances. Something new with this painted collection is the opportunity to have the signature handle just the way you like it. That means you can choose whether you would like brass, black, or the same color as on the front inside the handle.



The Raw collection consists of MDF, cork, and brass. Honest materials combined to explore a new approach to kitchen design. Cork, which is a sustainable choice, is a fantastic material: sound-absorbent, soft, and tactile. And with cork on an integrated refrigerator door, you can still set up reminder notes and drawings, even as you give the refrigerator an attractive exterior.



The Wood collection consists of three types of wood: elm, oak and fumed oak. Use one type of wood throughout the kitchen, or mix and match the various types – or combine them with other collections. All the products in the collection have wood veneer on the front and back side, a massive core of black MDF, and matte black edges.