Yofi Studio Silk Scarves

Yofi Studio

I’ve developed a massive weakness for silk scarfs lately – that’s why my heart almost stopped when I stumbled upon young Danish brand Yofi Studio.

Yofi Studio was established in early 2016 by the two graphic designers Amalie Zeevi & Josefine Uldall with the aim of creating a reinterpretation of the age-old, forever classic silk scarf.

The production process takes place in Denmark. Each Yofi design is handpainted, which is then printed on the finest silk in Aarhus. A tailor in Copenhagen sews the scarfs, before the Yofi team finally and carefully pack the scarfs into pretty little boxes and send them off with a ton of love.

Yofi Studio
Yofi StudioYofi Studio Yofi StudioYofi Studio Yofi Studio Yofi StudioYofi Studio  Yofi Studio Yofi Studio Yofi Studio

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