Ferm Living SS2019 collection

Ferm Living SS2019 Collection

Danish furniture brand ferm living just revealed its SS 2019 collection with exploring the journey of making a home as the focal point. A home is a dynamic and an ever-changing concept, a collection of memories and the base for making new ones.

Some things I noticed from their collection are the round shapes, dark colours, smokey glass and black metal. It seems only logical that after the copper, brass and silver trend, black metal is next to be back in the game, right? (not sure what to think about it yet…)

Here are my favourite items:

The Distinct Side Table

Inspired by Japanese minimalism, the Distinct Side Table is my personal highlight. It explores the creation of complex structures based on a single element. The rich acrylic stone table stands with its unique colours and textures!

The Rico Sofa and Armchair

I’m totally smitten with the sculptural new Rico series consisting of a three- and four-seater sofa as well as an armchair. The sturdy frame contrasted by the classic bouclé fabric gives it a feminine and majestic-like expression. 

The Plant Box

The popular Plant Box now becomes multifunctional. It features a Divider, Container and a Pot that will prove both practical and decorative in your office as well.

The Muse Vases

The vases are made of glazed ceramic with a rough expression to complement the refinded grooves of the shape.

And here are some more impressions of the SS 2019 collection

Hourglass Pots and Bau Watering Can
Punctual Shelving System
The Aurum Table Lamp
Ripple Glasses in smokey black
Ripple Series in smokey black
Pond trivets and Still Teapot