On my radar #58

1.) Bloc Studios introduced its beautiful “Marmo Domestico”— collection n°1, a range of domestic objects designed by Thevoz Choquet. This collection aims to re(use) excess parts of industrially salvaged marble blocks in the quarries of Carrara. The objects presented pay tribute to the material itself in a very concise and geometric way. Marble carries not only the idea of luxury and exclusivity, but prides itself to convey historical values and notions of technical achievements that are part of a long-lasting tradition. Via Krone Kern

2.) A new label to love! Kuvert Berlin is a new Berlin based brand and I fell in love with their pastel coloured beach dresses. Might buy one for my trip to the South of France… Discovered with the lovely Alexa Peng!

3.) I’m so in love with the mosaic desks by Danis Øje-blik studio! Available in four pastel colours. Guess it’s impossible to suffer from at writer’s block at desks like these…

4.) Ferm Living has just launched a limited series of tufted deco rugs. There is just 200 of each design. The rugs are made to form an artful statement on a wall or lying on the floor with its stacked compositions of different elements. Forming different engaging levels in the rug, it features high and low piles of the tufting, accentuating the tactility of the rug.