Fogia 2018 Collection

News from Fogia! Though I love the whole collection and it’s 70s inspired colour palette, I’ve got some favourites. Let’s have a closer look:

I’ve been in love with the Bollo Armchair with its generous curves ever since, now in 2018, Andreas Engesvik reinterpreted it for a new audience. His response is a visually arresting dining chair, the Spisolini. It’s unmistakably Bollo but refined for its new setting. Engesvik spent time testing the perfect density of foam for a comfort level that’s perfect for those long, drawn out leisurely evening soirees.

Spisolini Chair and Gito Sideboard

Another favourite is the Gito Sideboard, a new addition from our their Swiss collaborators Diiis. With a design that stems from blowing up the proportions of a trivet/coaster,it’s definitely a piece made to be used. The ambition was to make a tabletop from two materials, aesthetically-pleasing even on a tactile level. And the name… Gi(n and) To(nic) (nice one!)


Also I love the Enlose Chair by Norm Architects and the Tabula Table, topped with beautiful terrazzo.