Lair Collection – Create your own Table, Sideboard or Sofa Table

For all of you who don’t know An Interior Affair yet – it’s a Stockholm based design studio founded in 2016 by Lovisa Häger. She believes in democratizing interior design, which means for her that it’s not only a matter of budget, but a constant will to create beautiful spaces and always finding solutions within limitations.

Her first own furniture collection is called Lair and based on the idea of sustainability in interior design through versatile products with multiple purposes. The collection consists of pedestals, tables, sofa tables and sideboards.

All products, such as tables and sideboards, can all be altered to suit your need, change the table legs for a lower version to go from sideboard to sofa table, or change the table top from one large dining table top to two smaller to create sideboards, all using the same table legs.

But see it for yourself!

For example the Meteor Sofa Table is the perfect piece to either be used as a sofa table or sideboard, alone or together with another table. It is made using the following components: 3 Circular Table Legs and 1 Round Table Top.

The table legs are securely fastened using a bolt that connects them with the table top to ensure stability and are available in beige, white and black.

You can easily change the number of table legs or the table top for another size that suits you better.