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I can’t wait for autumn to arrive so I can finally wear my new Acne Dramatic Mohair Jumper (almost sold out everywhere, but still available here, herehere and here). It’s just so cozy and flatterlingly shapeless. And it looks like I’ve found the perfect detergent to take good care of it. L’eaundry is a new scented washing detergent to treat the clothes you love. This luxury laundry detergent comes in three scents: Oriental Olibanum, Asian Ginger Flower and Scandinavian Moss.

While Oriental Olibanum is a dark, oriental scent like with a warm and woody dash of sandalwood and amber, Scandinavian Moss is crisp and clear like the cool air of a Nordic glacial landscape. It’s topped by the earthy scent of moss, soil and stone. However my favourite is Asian Ginger Flower, an exotic and warm scent with the subtle air of ginger flower and ingredients from a rich blooming summer garden.

The best way to find your favourite is probably to order the Miniature Gift Set, which also comes in very handy for travelling.


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