My Indoor Garden




Oh lovelies, this is so exciting – for the first time in five years of Inattendu I’m giving you a little glimpse into my home. Here’s the little indoor garden I grew over the past few months. It all started with me buying a big rubber tree, then came a cactus (a Pilosocereus to be precise), a butterfly palm and so on and so on… It quickly became a mess and the best thing I could do was to arrange the plants around a bench. At the same time IKEA asked me if I were interested in a cooperation, and I had the chance to choose the cork bench of the Sinnerlig collection designed by Ilse Crawford, which was a great decision, as the bench is very solid and fits into almost every interior. I also got a big Ragkorn Rattan Planter for my rubber tree and some black Papaya and Sinnerlig pots. But it still wasn’t finished, I wanted to add some colour to all the green and found those two lovely wall hangings by Hamburg based label Ambacht. They are one of a kind and handmade of 100% pure wool.


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