On my radar #50


It’s high summer, we are experiencing the hottest summer in years, during the day the streets are empty and so is my head. Sorry for the lack of post recently but I’ve spent most of my free time at the lake, in the shadow, reading books and living the lazy life. But of course I haven’t forgotten you, so here is the 50.(!) round of “On my radar“!


1.)  Found this amazing IKEA “Ivar” hack by Lovisa Häger at Krone Kern! Watch how it’s done here!



2.) Note Design Studio has been commissioned by the construction company Glommen & Lindberg to design an entirely unique interior architecture for a a housing concept situated at the centre of the designer-dense south-central Stockholm district of Södermalm. I love the tailor-made features and its soft color palette.


3.) Bringing sexy back! Barcelona based brand Pale Swimwear owns it!


4.) Lovely Claire reminded me to visit Sophia Zarindast’s shop more often! Otherwise I wouldn’t have discovered those fantastic Solar Earrings!


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