Spring News from Menu

I’m in awe with Menu’s new 2017 collection which I think is pretty different from the last years. Grey marble and wood tones create a calm and warm atmosphere. And there’s a refreshing new material: chrome steel which goes surprisingly well with the still-on-trend brass details.

Echassé Vase: “échasse” is French for stilts. This vase is anchored to the table by four slender legs that resemble stilts.

Septembre Sofa is fully-upholstered but has yet beautiful proportions. With its high backrest it’s ideal for standing freely in a room.

The Darkly Mirror takes inspiration from ceramic bowls filled with water which were supposed to be the earliest mirrors according to some historians.

The iconic Bottle Grinder is coming up in a new chrome version.

Plinth is a series of podiums, available in three sizes. The third Plinth can be used as a podium on which to display a bust, art books, plants or a lamp.

Meet Bench in a dark wood version

Godot Sofa and Plinth Podiums

Cage Table with grey marble top and slender chrome steel legs that ingeniously cross over each other to form a cage.