Studio Oink remodels a Swiss Cottage from the 1920s

Lea Korzeczek and Matthias Hiller from German Studio Oink have worked their magic in Switzerland! The couple remodeled a small cottage in Zurich, which was built in 1924 as a barn, then converted into a residential building in the 1960s and completely renovated and rebuilt in 2011. After purchasing the house in 2017, the owner asked Studio Oink to redesign the bedroom, the master bathroom, the office and the guest room.

The small bedroom located in the basement on street level had a rather poor lighting situation and a lack of storage space. These problems were solved with a built-in wardrobe, which fits in well with its recessed fronts and their smooth, light wood structure. The master bedroom is separated from the bedroom with a wooden sliding door.

For the office and the guestroom on the top floor the same materials as in the bedroom were chosen. The office accommodates two computer workstations and a common work table in the middle of the room. If required, the technology can be hidden behind perforated sliding doors. The tabletop is covered with linoleum, a rediscovered material with an outstanding look and feel.

On the opposite side of the room there is an upholstered installation with integrated storage space so that the the room can be converted into a temporary guestroom for two visitors.

The guestroom is only separated from the office by the staircase. It accommodates two modular guest beds, a small reading area and an integrated storage space.

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