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The Oak Kitchens by Nordiska Kök

Swedish Kitchen Company Nordiska Kök has created two bespoke oak kitchens, inspired by nature and the modern lifestyle. Like all their kitchens, they are completely tailor-made and designed according to the wishes and visual expressions of our customers. The Painted Oak The linear wooden kitchen, inspired by…

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Trendwatch: Colourful Kitchens

Most kitchens are boring white, grey or beige. But why the hell? Have a gander at these colourful gems and be bold! Reform Copenhagen based brand Reform creates architect-designed fronts and countertops for IKEA cabinets in beautiful colours and surfaces. Don’t be scared of colours!…

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Rustic Terrazzo Kitchen by Nordiska Kök

I’m totally smitten with this rustic kitchen in dark oak with a terrazzo(!) worktop. Swedish custom kitchen makers Nordiska Kök has teamed up with styling duo Sundling Kickén (who else ;-)) and the lovely result is this linear, frame kitchen, inspired by nature in warm earthy tones and…

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