The Oak Kitchens by Nordiska Kök

Swedish Kitchen Company Nordiska Kök has created two bespoke oak kitchens, inspired by nature and the modern lifestyle. Like all their kitchens, they are completely tailor-made and designed according to the wishes and visual expressions of our customers.

The Painted Oak

The linear wooden kitchen, inspired by nature, is painted in a dull dark blue in which the oak shines through, creating a vibrant surface that captures the light. The cabinets in dark-stained oak create an interesting contrast to the blue. Some shelves have been left open to create further life in the kitchen. The countertop, a limestone in cool shade, harmonises with the cabinet and together with the warm oak enhances the modern kitchen feel.

The Urban Oak

With strict lines where the minimalist light meets the warm, rustic tone of the oak, The Urban Oak is a personal and timeless kitchen which is perfect for the smaller home. The push open cupboards utilizing the entire ceiling height creating enough storage, even in smaller kitchens. The open shelves provide the oppurtunity to create a personal expression. The countertop is made of sand-coloured Jura limestone, which harmonises with the warm oak and creates an exciting contrast to the painted light cabinets.

Styling: Caroline Sandström; Photo: Andrea Papini