Reform x Designers Remix Showroom

I’m always excited when fashion meets interior! Danish fashion brand Designers Remix collaborated with Danish kitchen specialists Reform for their new showroom and office in Copenhagen. The new studio is white like an art gallery. The white frame of the studio highlights the Reform kitchen, which is designed like a make-up palette of nudes. Like a piece of art where function meets beauty and creates a center statement piece – a modern, classic kitchen that has a puzzle-like feeling because of the colour scheme.

The rest of the studio shares the same colour aesthetics: Three low-seated lounge chairs from Normann Copenhagen in shades of nude, small marble side tables by &tradition and a hugebespoke upcycled vintage marble table that all complements the nude statement of the Reform kitchen and bathroom.

Charlotte Eskildsen, Creative Director of Designers Remix:

”I was inspired by make-up colours. Shades of beige and blush. To me, these are the colours ofsustainability – like cardboard, wood and untreated materials. The true colours of nature.”

The colour scheme is consistent throughout the studio and is shown in both the kitchen and bathroom elements from Reform.

Images courtesy of Reform