Montana introduces Montana Mini

Montana introduces Montana Mini, a series of uncomplicated, versatile storage elements. You might already know Montana’s huge colour palette which makes it almost impossible to choose your favourite. Montana Mini is the easier choice, as it is available in three variants and ten colours only. The product series consists of a square module in three versions: open, closed or shelved. All are made of the well-known Montana MDF, but with a thickness of just 8 millimetres, which appears lighter than the Montana System, which measures 12 millimetres in thickness.

Embedded in the modules are two round magnets with a matt, chrome finish, which are visible on either side of the module. The magnet is both a design detail that is unique to Montana Mini and a functional feature helping the Mini modules align side by side.

The colour palette of the Montana Mini features ten poetic and complex water-based colours developed in collaboration with colour expert and designer, Margrethe Odgaard. They all have a visual and sensory appeal and interconnect as a close-knit family, which means they’ll match no matter how they’re combined.

I’m thinking about buying some as a nightstand and, again, I find myself not being able to choose the right colour.

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