Trendwatch: Chrome Steel Furniture

Trendwatch: Chrome Steel Furniture

Chrome steel may seem cold to most of us, but it can also appear incredibly soft. It depends on what it is combined with – with the new, soft colours and thick upholstery things look quite different.

Hem Puffy Lounge Chair

Definitely one of my favourite pieces of furniture in 2020! The detachable upholstery of the Puffy Lounge Chair is fat and plump, its generous shape spills freely over the sides of a tubular steel frame which, in stark contrast, is hard-lined and strong. The two key elements of this seating design by Faye Toogood are in purposeful and playful juxtaposition. The elementary frame is inspired by the rational structure of classic modernist design, whilst the extravagant quilt-like upholstery warmly embraces and envelopes, is comforting and reassuring.


The Tubular Chrome Sofa and the Tubular Chrome Settee Sofa are proof that steel and cozy upholstery are a perfect match.

Muller Van Severen All Tubes

All Tubes is a collection of objects consisting of the repetition of round aluminium tubes. The series includes several cabinets, a bench and a chair. Another good example that metal doesn’t necessarily have to appear as a cold material. In the case of the cabinets, the repetitive rhythm of the pipes placed next to each other makes you forget the coldness of the material. In the bench and the chair, bending the material softens its hardness.

Frama Richardt Chair

The Richardt Chair is inspired by fluid forms and the organic contours of nature. The juxtaposition of the solid steel tube with the warm and heavy canvas cover creates a unique relationship between the two components.

Gubi Stemlite Pendant

The new Stemlite Pendant has been developed by simply flipping the original design upside-down. The gentle glow of the frosted creates a nice contrast with the black chrome.