My favourites of Hay’s Autumn 2022 Collection

Autumn is around the corner and we will spend more time in our homes again. How good that Hay is coming up with colourful new furniture and accessories just in time. Here we go with my favourites.

Colour Cabinet

Continuing the collaboration with Belgian design duo Muller Van Severen, the Colour Cabinet collection highlights the contradictory interplay between clean, minimalist design and the vibrance and originality of colour. With functionality as a starting point, Fien Muller and Hannes Van Severen explore how contrasts and similarities in materials and colours optimally enhance and showcase the material’s natural beauty in furniture items. The Colour Cabinet can be wall mounted or stand on the floor, and can include reeded glass sliding doors, or be left open. With its body crafted in organically dyed Valchromat, it comes in a variety of sizes and permutations, in both mono- and multi-colour options. Muller Van Severen note that the inspiration for the Colour Cabinet includes the work of Donald Judd and the Bauhaus, as well as Art Deco style. These combined influences bring a sense of balance to the design. These pieces are very simple and rigid in frame; they look like boxes. But what happens inside is rather wild and playful.

The Tamoto Bed

The Tamoto Bed was designed by American, Swedish-based industrial designer Shane Schneck. Inspired by costume displays in museums, the bed is made from powder-coated steel, plywood, and foam, with a textile headboard. Inspired by the distinctive draping of Japanese kimono sleeves, Tamoto makes use of folded fabric and a steel tubing frame and is reminiscent of the way that a kimono’s oversized sleeve hangs; the edge of the headboard’s textile wraps perfectly around the frame. ’The idea is simply a way to display a quilt over a horizontal rod and that gesture becomes visible from the exposed, oversized tube that the fabric wraps around. The rest of the frame is designed with the same tubular profile. It is flat pack and quite easy to assemble’, explains Schneck. Available in a variety of sizes and three colourways. The strong aesthetic fits with many styles and will last for years to come. The Tamoto Bed speaks directly to HAY’s design universe with its clean lines and strong character.

Connect Bed in New Colours

Leif Jørgensen’s Connect Bed combines traditional craftsmanship methods with high-tech tools and processes to create a razor-sharp design with pinpoint precision and an easy-to-assemble construction. The range of colours – including new shades in Maroon Red, Deep Blue and Alabaster – elevates Connect’s uncluttered aesthetics and modest expression, making it easy to integrate in most bedroom styles and décor.

Pier System

The Pier System by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec is made to accommodate any room and need, from entryways to living rooms and much more. It is a functional, down-to-earth design. Made from aluminium and steel, and available in different colourways, the Pier System is mounted on the wall and has an array of components that can be moved around or removed as desired. These components include a wire basket shelf, shelf with or without hanger, desk mount, cabinet, and coat rack. The hidden wall-mount gives the silhouette a lightness, and the easy assembly makes it simple not only to set up, but to move around the home as needed. The Pier System comes in a broad range of set configurations that can be combined with each other.

New Accessories & Lighting

It doesn’t necessarily have to be new furniture, you can also spice up your home with some funky new accessories like these!

The Parade Lamp – Designed by Danish husband-and-wife designers Viola Heyn-Johnsen and Jonas Trampedach, the Parade Table Lamp series was inspired by the desire to create an ambient light source with a sculptural quality. The name refers to the lamp’s ability to invite attention when several lamps are positioned together. The square lines fit together in a tessellated pattern, like a formation in a parade. The glass geometric shape is made in carefully selected sizes and colours, designed to complement each other in height, tone and temperature, thereby creating a cohesive effect.
Designed for HAY by Christian Loddo, Bacheca Shelf is a compact, multi-purpose shelf that combines decorative and functional properties. Featuring a foldable, flat-packed construction that is easy to mount and use, it provides a convenient storage and display solution with an open, intuitive design. Made in powder coated steel and available in several different colours, Bacheca is ideal for using in most rooms in the house, from storing herbs and spices in the kitchen, to organising body care products in the bathroom and displaying ornaments in the living room.
Ribbon Cushions