Toniton – Colour Matching Wall Paint and Furnishings

Toniton Colours

As most people find it hard to choose and match colours for their interiors, Toniton’s approach is to simplify interior design choices. Having spent years of research and tests for the best colour tones, Artistic Director Tekla Severin together with Sander Aarts and Sebastian Storm defined an impeccable palette of six colours that match when combined.

Blue, Creme, Peach, Grey, Green and Yellow – the so-called Toniton colours are used in all of their products: matt wall paint, glossy tiles, terrazzo tables, shelves in stained ash veneer, woolen carpets and the matt powder coated lamps and taps.

And all the products match regardless of how they are combined. The eco-friendly wall paint matches with the wood paint, but also with the frames, shelves and switches. The tiles match with the bathroom paint, taps, showers and wall lamps and so on. Combine products in between our six Toniton palettes Blue, Creme, Peach, Grey, Green and Yellow.

The design language is based on simplicity and geometric shapes. Some pieces are designed and produced by Toniton whilst others are developed in collaboration with selected designers and manufacturers.