Reform’s FRAME Kitchen in Dark Oak in a Danish Apartment

Reform Frame Solid Dark Oak Kitchen

Welcome to the home of Danish creative director Ditlev Fejerskov! Together with his wife, he has thoroughly renovated a classic 19th century flat in Frederiksberg. Initially, the kitchen was planned to be a colourful space. However, when the couple visited the Copenhagen Reform, they chose the FRAME design in dark oiled oak, which perfectly matches the apartments old wooden beams and is a counter design to the current reduced and minimalist trend. For the counter Fejerskov and his wife chose a Calacatta Viola marble countertop.

“The fact that the kitchen radiated good craftsmanship and quality materials was perhaps the most crucial factor in our choice of kitchen. We cook a lot, and the kitchen should be able to keep up. A marble countertop may seem delicate in some areas, but it does not matter to us whether there are streaks of lemon, oil or wine. The worktop is meant to be used. A marble worktop is actually incredibly strong. You can put hot items on it, and it can handle a couple of beatings. Our worktop will still be great in 50 years. It was also important to us that all the inner drawers were made of wood. The carpentry gatherings of the corners is an incredible detail. It just makes you happy every time you open a drawer” says Fejerskov.

FRAME is a modern interpretation of the classic, rustic kitchen. The design combines the clean lines of Scandinavian design with a warm, tactile approach to design that puts people at the centre. Designed by the multidisciplinary Swedish Note Design Studio, it is made of high-quality oak veneer with a namesake three-sided solid wood profile and is available in three finishes inspired by nature’s changing colour spectrum.