The Ode To Pre-Spring 2019 Collection

The Ode To Pre Spring 2019

I’m very excited to share these spring news from The Ode To, the Stockholm based online gallery for contemporary art, which I already waxed poetics about some months ago!

Among the news are Stockholm-based sculptor Fanny Ollas with her highly imaginative vases, Helle Mardahl’s playful Candy Collection which is drawn from the child memories of confectionary stores with their shapes, colours and desires and some great original drawings, colourful and graphic drawings by Anna Norrgrann.

The beautiful eclectic faces are made by artist Kassandra Widmark Utas.

The Knot is a graphic statement piece by Tove Tengå, this knot cannot be untied without cutting ties, a so-called Gordian Knot, and represents family ties and bands that are hard to break.

Drape by Tufva Design is a graphic and versatile sculpture that can be hanged on a wall or placed on table. Looks as it was made of a soft fabric.

Also from Tufva Design, the Morel is a vase, sculpture and artwork in one with a silky matte texture. It’s inspired by nature and the pattern of morel mushrooms.

The loobook images are made by photographer Mikael Lundblad and stylist Jessica Lagerman.