The perfect bedding: Crisp Sheets

Autumn is around the corner and after those hot and sleepless summer nights I can’t wait to finally tuck myself into cozy bed sheets again.

Dutch bedding company Crisp Sheets started as a personal quest to find the perfect bed sheets, when founder Lara Ourtane moved into her new apartment she spent a lot of time redecorating and finding special items for her interior. The only thing she just couldn’t find were bed sheets that suited her taste; the existing bedsheets were either too simple, or made out of bad quality, or just not affordable. That is when Lara started to visualise how the perfect sheet would look and feel. From there on, she formed her own ideas and started to determine what kind of technique could give that crisp touch.

There are two kinds of bed sheets – the Crisp Cotton, woven in a special technique, giving the textile its unique and crisp touch. It feels soft and keeps a “fresh made bed” feel at all times with no ironing required.

The Seersucker Cotton is for the real crisp lover, woven in a special technique for a extra crispy feel.