The Beauty of Sleep – Schlossberg Satin Noblesse Uni Collection

Nothing beats a good night‘s sleep, which is why I am delighted being able to team up with Schlossberg. Their cotton quality e.g. is one of the finest and most exclusive materials you can sleep in today.

I always like the concept of customising things according to my needs so I really do appreciate the possibility of choosing your own favourites from 48 beautiful colours, which are then made individually just for you.

The process is fairly simple: first you receive a folder with fabric samples of the Satin Noblesse Uni collection, then you pick your favourite colours and request your bedding in the size that suits you best. Satin Noblesse is woven from pure, long-staple cotton. Because of the fineness of the thread, the fabric is very lightweight and tightly woven. This means that the Schlossberg satin weighs only 110g/m2, yet still has a thread count of 100 per cm2. It took me ages to make a decision, but in the end I went for a combination of two colours “galet” and “nuage“.

Less than 4 weeks later I received my customised bed linen and what can I say? The cotton feels wonderfully silky and smooth on your skin and the colours are gorgeous. But see yourself! 🙂

– Paid partnership with Schlossberg –