Travel: Esperinos, a Design Holiday Home in Athens

Esperinos Hybrid Design Holiday Home

This horrible year is coming to an end and I’m desperately looking forward to travelling again in 2021. Maybe to Athens?

Esperinos is a hybrid design holiday home that aims to propose a new way of experiencing the cultural universe of Athens during a short trip. It’s located in Filopappou Hill, a peaceful area in the center of Athens and a home to many creative people.

Two wide windows face the quiet street, while the private backyard is the centre of the house. Upstairs is a quiet bedroom with a king size bed with custom made linen. Complimentary food and beverages from the local farmers market are at your disposal and also plenty of chairs for inviting new friends for dinner and drinks. Esperinos also offers air conditioning, free Wi-Fi and on request transfer, private art tours and mom’s special dinner delivery <3

Esperinos is also collaborating with Grace, a local independent art foundation. Grace curates an annually updated collection of art and design works that is presented within the residency, while presents a program of in-house art events throughout the year.