5 Ceramic Artists You Need to Know

Vases, bowls, plates – ceramic objects are everywhere these days. Here are my favourite five ceramic artists you need to know right now!

1.) Avi Ben Shoshan (abS Objects)

Tel Aviv-based artist Avi Ben Shoshan creates sculptural and decorative ceramic objects in my favourite colours 😉

2.) Sophie Alda

Hackney-based designer, artist and ceramicist Sophie Alda is a founding member of London’s Clay Collective. Individually hand-building her vessels, each piece combines playful design, intriguing patterns and vibrant colours (she obviously fancies Yves Klein Blue).

3.) Anna Beam

With a background in embroidery Anna Beam‘s work is focused on collage and pattern, which manifests itself in the form of paper, print making, textiles, wearables and ceramics.  

4.) Mica DeMarquez

Mica DeMarquez of Mimi Ceramics lives and works in Portland, Oregon. She finds inspiration in making practical and functional objects, while focusing on color and pattern on simple shapes. Each piece is hand thrown on the wheel, kiln fired to bisque, hand glazed/decorated, and high fired up to completion.

5.) Cova del Campo

Spanish artist Cova del Campo, originally a publicist and graphic designer founded her own design studio La Cueva Studio as a place for personal experimentation focusing from the beginning on working with ceramic, inspired by shapes, volume and architecture.