Trendwatch: Quirky Ceramics

There are so many playful, weird and quirky ceramics out there these days and I love that. I bet that many people won’t like or understand this trend and I love that. Ceramcis celebrating imperfection. Have I already mentioned that I love that? Here are my 7 favourite ceramic artists!

Karolina Brobeck
from Sweden describes herself as “a feminist with Aspergers, a bit of a lone wolf” and thrives best when she gets to work freely in her own ceramics studio in Malmö. Inspired by architecture she designs ceramics that succeed in being rustic but still delicate, often with a touch of humor.

Virginia Sin
is a Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary designer who has focused her recent attention on redefining ceramic coils, translating her graphic designs into weave structures and challenging the limitations of clay in the lighting industry, in hopes to bring some extra warmth into the world. I’m a big fan of her fruit bowls.

Paula Greif
is an NY based artist and former graphic designer and constantly inspired by the work of 20th century studio potters.

Emmeli Hultqvist
is a ceramic artist from Gothenburg and I’m totally smitten with her long-legged candleholders.

Paula Atelier
is a Swedish ceramic artist I don’t know much of, to be honest, but I definitely know that I love her sculptures!

Fanny Ollas
has started out as a fashion designer, but has since changed her career to work with ceramics and sculpture. Her designs are playful and feminine, as she sees sculptures and objects as bodies or characters and clay has a lot of personality.

Her work is also available at The Ode To (also a great source for quirky ceramcis!)

Rachel Saunders
is a multidisciplinary artist and designer from the West Coast of Canada currently working with clay as her primary medium. She places value on simplicity, functionality, sustainability, and playfulness. How good are her Woman Vases?

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