The Socialite Family: New Versions of the Cavallo Armchair

I’m a big fan of the French blog The Socialite Family, showcasing inspiring home stories of modern, smart and cool families and I’m also a big fan of their own furniture collection, they launched some time ago.

One of my favourite designs is the Cavallo Armchair – which up to now was available in natural cane and black lacquered beech. So delighted to hear that my favourite chair is now available in two additional finishes: natural ash and cherry ash. Now the Cavallo collection is about to suit all tastes and all interiors. Your need for freshness, and, with summer on the way, for a Mediterranean-style “summer living room” feel with the Cavallo in natural ash. And, finally, the compromise offered by the cherry ash version of our iconic product. Red highlights blended with golden brown – I haven’t seen cherry ash for a while now in interiors and almost forgot about it. But now I’m wondering… will cherry ash be the next big thing?